pom poms in the kitchen

It is no mystery that I love pom poms.  They are so much fun to use and decorate with, whether it's for a party or just year round.  I love 'em, which is why I had to make another strand but for the kitchen instead.  I think this is all the color I need in my kitchen with my island.   This is one of those posts that photos don't really do it any justice.  It's really great in person.

I believe I have a hard time incorporating color into my home because I really love the simplistic look.  When I pin interiors, I tend to lean towards white everything.  BUT I am an artist too, so I find myself wanting some pops of color here and there.  Finding balance in my home that I am comfortable with is a difficult task!

I have plans to remove my Pier 1 painting and replace it with something graphic and possibly sophisticated to help balance out the poms.   Most likely, that painting will live on my bedroom wall since we have no art in there at the moment.  I moved my pear light (still loving it) to my hall bath, which gives off the warmest glow.  Just love it!  When it is on and I walk down the hall, I can't help but glance at it.  I also have been toying with idea to continue the chalkboard paint on that wall.  If you don't have a chalkboard wall in your home, it is so much fun!

I feel the pom poms brightened up my kitchen a little.  What do you think?

*To read more about my window treatments, click here.


PS- I had enough balls left over for an extra garland, so it's my shop.  I only have one available. Today is the last day to enter my giveaway.


  1. Yay for pom-pom's! I love them too but haven't ever used them because I'm generally not that crafty. Maybe for Christmas. I'm with you on a balance of neutrals and bright colors too. When I do go for color I like to go bold :)

    xo Lilly

  2. I, too, am a pom-pom lover. I am making my own right now for a garland as well. They are fun to make too.

  3. Dumb questions but where do you buy your pom pom's and then do you just thread right through them? I love the simple but fun look of the garland and would love to try!

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I felt my balls from 100% wool from Nepal. You should be able to find wool at a local craft shop, but you will need to felt it into balls. I then thread it through! I do have some extra ones in the same colors above listed in my Etsy shop.


    2. Thanks Nancy! I might give it a try myself - I just love the look of the pom pom garland!


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