A clutch for you

Here's a gift to you from me.   I'm still celebrating my blog's birthday, and to close it I'm giving away a small clutch.   This giveaway is for  GFC or RSS followers (old and new, & welcome! :).  My other giveaway is open to all and ends 7/20/12.

  • Pearl faux ostrich with a bamboo button closure
  • Measures approximately 9.5" x 5.5"
  • Perfect travel size to carry wallet, keys, phone, diapers, or other small belongings.  
  • Can be dressed up or down.  Perfect for all occasions.  

To enter please share with me a fun date night idea.   You can tell me something you once did on a date or a fantasy fun date (please keep it G rated for the sake of others :).    Don't date?  That's okay.  Tell me something fun you did with pals.

Giveaway ends July 23rd 11:59 PM EST.  Good luck!

*If you are a subscriber via RSS, please leave your email address in the comment section.


I used ISLY's clutch pattern.


  1. A fun date night we once did was a day of never dones. Never eaten a hot dog from a side of the road cart - get it done, never ridden on a city bus - do it! never been to the art gallery - have fun! and so on.

  2. We just had our first baby 2 months ago, so dates seem to be a thing of the past for us now! But on a recent weekend day, my Mother-in-Law took the baby for the morning and afternoon and let us head over to a relatives pool. That relative was at the lake for the day so we got a few hours to ourselves, to relax in the pool and have adult conversation (!) washed down with a couple cold beers - no diaper changes, no Mio and Mao on the tv, no searching for the elusive binky! We thought about going to dinner or something, but decided we wanted peace, quiet and relaxation instead!

  3. Date days are much more fun! On our last one we went to the zoo!

  4. We love to try to find creative ideas for date night! We recently had a date night where we cooked a bunch of mini foods to eat for dinner and then went mini golfing!

  5. Date night? What's that?
    It's been a while. But food is always important for date night. Finding a hole in the wall restaurant and trying something new is my idea of good date!

  6. Recently, my boyfriend and I went to the beach in the evening. We laid out a huge blanket, and ate sandwiches while watching the waves. So relaxing and simple =)

  7. My hubby recently bring me to a restaurant and having a romantic dinner. :) we danced :)

  8. My husband once took me to have a picnic brunch in Central Park. I thought it was so romantic!

    1. I'm a RSS subscriber: eligonma@gmail.com

  9. Love this clutch!! You are so stinking talented. And Happy Birthday by the way :) we are so boring these days, but my idea of a great date night would involve a nice dinner on an outdoor patio, a bottle of wine and some great conversation. With NO kids.

  10. Sooo cute, it's almost my birthday too. My perfect date night is a sharing a bottle of champagne with my husband, while watching awesomely bad sci fi movies.

    I'm a RSS subscriber: uah_trick@yahoo.com

  11. OMG. How cute is that?! I need to stop slacking on my blog reading. I may have missed out on this! I like going to laser tag. It's like pulling teeth to get Brent to go with me, but I think it makes a fun date night!

  12. I'd like to have a date morning: start off with yoga, then off to estate and garage sales, then to starbucks to get a coffee and finally to the bookstore!

  13. A fun date for me is when my husband surprises me, makes lunch and we take it out on the lake in our pontoon on a quiet weekday afternoon!

  14. A date idea I just had recently would be to recreate the show chopped. You make your meal out of the mystery basket contents.

  15. What a cute clutch! Hmm...date night suggestions that don't involve home projects? ;) Kidding - we love packing up a picnic, or sitting outside and enjoying a special bottle of champagne and talking as the sun sets.


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