Urban Outfitters rug review

Do you remember me telling you back in May that I ordered a rug for my kitchen, but it was on backorder?   It literally showed up at my door the day after that post went live.   I was sooo excited!  I'm a bit behind in posting about my kitchen.  Like two months behind.   I've been so busy with sewing and family.   It has felt really good to get behind my crazy machine.

  So back to my Urban Outfitters rug.  The price was too good.  I got to use a 15% off coupon off the already low price, and I got free shipping and return.  I knew if it was going to be a fail, I didn't lose any money in the end.  I chose navy blue because I thought the blue would look good with the green, white, and gray going on in my kitchen.  I am a black and navy offender.  Sorry.  I even mix black and brown sometimes.

The size was smaller than what I really needed, but I was willing to give this a shot.  At 5' x 7', it was too small.  I was a bit bummed, but in retrospect, I am glad it worked out the way it did.  The next day I headed out to Homegoods and picked up a few rugs for the kitchen.  I'll share that with you later.

I returned the Urban Outfitters rug, but I would be lying if I told you I didn't place that rug in every room of the house to see if I could make it work somewhere.  Crap.  I forgot to check the outdoor deck.

So I'll share with you my thoughts on this very popular Urban Outfitters rug.  It's very similar to the other flatwoven rugs they have, so I am pretty confident that what I say here will also apply to any of their other popular designs. 

The rug was smelly.  I'm sure that smell would have gone away a few days or weeks later but it's always good to know ahead of time if something is going to stink.

The rug is super thin.  I'm talking drop cloth thin.  (Cheap price is a dead give away.)  In fact, you could easily DIY this pattern onto a drop cloth, and it may be hard to tell the difference between the two. 

I do not recommend this rug for hardwood floors.  I think it would stay in place better on carpet, but you would still need an anti-slip mat underneath. 

With all this said, I would purchase the rug again if I didn't feel like DIYing one myself.  They are so darn cheap!!!  This would be much better in a carpeted room.

Let's take a peek at how it looked in the kitchen.  Just ignore the awful lighting that day.  Everything looks a little off due to it.   I can finally say that bed sheet is GONE!

Yeah, I'm not feeling it.  It was just too small in width, and I think the color is throwing things off too.  The island is too heavy for me to lift by myself, so I wasn't able to place it underneath.  That's why it looks a little cramped.  My island countertop looks really bright and light the photos, which is making things clash too, but in person, the green and navy go together.  I just don't think the navy goes with everything else.  That was one big bonus for ordering the rug.  It really allowed me to see what it looked like in my home without costing me a dime or leaving the house with a toddler in tow. 

I made the right decision by sending it back.  Scale and color were wrong.  I ordered a few Flor samples.  None of them are navy but rather gray, white, teal, chartreuse, and a grayish blue. 

Left to do in the kitchen:
  • finish molding near pantry
  • fix ceiling
  • lighting
  • complete the backside of my island
  • art
  • window treatments
  • rugs?
Should I just skip a rug?  What do you think?



  1. I like how you talk through the designs. I dont think I would use a large rug. It covers the beautiful floors and I would think make the room seem small in a not cozy way. I would get a couple of small rugs for in front of the sink and stove for cleanliness (drips) and comfort (padded).

    1. Thanks Colleen! I think I will definitely continue this thought process on my blog.

  2. I bought this rug in gray for my craft room, and I love it for the price! I have wood floors and put a non-slip rug pad underneath, and it's worked fine. I'm the only one who goes in my craft room, though, so it probably wouldn't work out as well in a high traffic area. I'm loving your kitchen so far! :)

  3. I love the idea of a rug, but whatever you get you will have to remember it will be really dirty!

  4. personally i think you should skip the rug in the kitchen. i think the wood floors look good and will be easier to keep clean than a rug.

    and since the island makes the walking space narrower i think a rug will just get in the way and potentially trip you up (not good if you are carrying baby!)

    i love the way it looks so far, the gray and white look very crisp together and the green really pops!

    1. You are so right! Thanks so much! I'm so glad I returned it.

  5. I say no rugs in the kitchen. I had a runner and a smaller mat at my sink for a while and took them out to scrub them outside. When they were gone, I realized how much I love seeing the bare wood and didn't put them back. But I do still have a small mat in front of the fridge. My husband is a wood floor nazi (he designs products for a hardwood floor company for living) and our ice maker tends to drip water there. I'd love to get rid of it.

    1. Thanks so much! Did you know that you are a no reply comment? I keep meaning to tell ya that. :)

    2. Hmmm? I'm not sure what that means-- something I'm not filling out?

  6. It just means we will continue to have conversation this way instead of email. When you assign an email to your name, I can directly reply to that email instead of coming back to the blog post.

    I have quick tutorial to fix it, if you want.


  7. I say no to a rug, yes to smaller floor mats if you want to put something down by the sink or stove. With a toddler and a dog and (a husband) you will be cleaning that rug all.dang.day. We have a small one by the sink and it gets so gross, I just toss it and buy a new one about once a year!

    Your Island is lookin' good!


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