Guest Post at Just the Bee's Knees - Margherita Pizza Recipe

Today I am sharing my Margherita Pizza recipe with Sarah at Just the Bee's Knees.  I'm so happy she asked me to fill in for her today while she's off being lazy in Canada.  Sarah and I met when both our blogs were still fairly new.  Sarah is a mom and interior designer with really great taste, so she had me hooked from the beginning.  Now if only I could convince her to tag along with me to High Point Market.  Any takers???  Okay, enough design stuff.  If eating is your thing, pin this recipe to save for later, or make it tonight!   It's amazingly simple, and tastes great.   People might think you slaved away in the kitchen.  To see the recipe, you'll need to head on over to Just the Bee's Knees.   

*Sarah's not around to correct my typo, but when you pull the pizza out, place it on a cookie rack so air can flow underneath the pizza causing it not to condensate.

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  1. Yum! On my way over to see. I love a good margherita pizza!

  2. Thanks again Nancy!! I'm working on trying to convince my husband why it is NOT a good idea to go on a hunting trip when High Point is on!


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