as i was creating my christmas etsy post, i came across this adorable shop. i'm instantly a fan of her work. i mean, who can make dog treats look cute?!?  wait, who would have thought milk-bones could be decorative? this shop.  what's even better in my department?  the fact that this wreath serves more than one purpose.  no need to store it in my attic after the holidays.


*all photos belong to twotzus

what do you think?  would you like have one of these on your doors for your little fuzzy friend?


  1. those are cute - but I wouldn't want one on my door. I'm worried the raccoons and other outdoor wild animals would attack my door... or at the very least my neighbors annoying dog.

  2. I never would have thought of doing that! I, too, would be a little leery of hanging one outdoors unless/until someone else I knew had success with it. But I think it would look jolly festive over a cute doggie bed (assuming the dog couldn't get them).


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