Fabric Friday {Lauren Liess}

Okay, so this fabric is all for home decor.  I love home decor fabrics just as much as quilting weights, knits, canvas, etc.  For me, it is more about the print and texture than anything else. 

Now before you fall over backwards in your chair when you see the price tag, many of us cannot afford expensive fabric (okay, well at least me).  BUT that does not mean I do not appreciate good design.  I find inspiration through beautiful prints, whether it's in $10/yard or $100/yard, and I hope that these fabrics can inspire you.  And I'm also jealous if you can buy fabric at this price.

Lauren Liess just launched her new textile line.  I am so inspired by her, and she's younger than me.  Sigh.  She's just gorgeous and so is her style.  Lauren posted an article about the cost of fabric, and I believe everyone should read it to understand price points of fabric these days. 

All images are from LL Textiles and belong to Pure Style Home.

So what do you think? Would you like to see Lauren Liess textiles in your home?

How much would you spend per yard on fabric?


  1. These are gorgeous fabrics! If I find a fabric I really love I'll pay extra money for it, even if it hurts my wallet. ;)

  2. Swoon~ gorgeous fabric! Worth a little bit more out of my pocke :)


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