Noreply-comment user. Let's fix this ASAP {Tutorial}

You may not know that you are a NO REPLY user, but go ahead and check.  Cause I can't write ya back without an email. :)

This is soooo easy to fix.

I'm only typing this because I have not trained my eyes yet to see the noreply-comment in the to: line when I respond to your comment.  I just start typing away and a paragraph later . . . well, let's just say I'm bummed.

It's super easy, and super fast.  Just watch.

Go to your dashboard and click on edit profile

Click on show my email address and type in your email address.

Click on save at the bottom.

told ya it was easy and fast.

now we can chat like good 'ole friends.


  1. Thanks for this tip, I didn't realize that I was one of those "no reply" bloggers. Problem solved!

  2. i borrowed this..in fact..i just linked to your blog as i could not have said it better,,,,
    thanks for the instructions !

  3. Okay, I sent you and email-to-email ... but let's try this again ...

    Sometimes it seems like Blogger has a bit of lag time in making changes, especially things that require HTML or code. Don't know. Just guessing?

    Do you think my having two email addresses assigned to receiving (not leaving) comments makes a difference? Blogger said it was okay ...

    Thanks so much for your help!



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