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Our tiling project got pushed back by a day, but that is fine since today we Matt installed the microwave.  We also have to clean our walls and prepare them for the tiles.  I picked up grout samples yesterday at Home Depot, and I laid the card against the wall on the counter.

This would help me decide which color grout to go with.  I wanted the sample card up for a good day to determine the color during the morning, afternoon, evening, and night, but poor Matt dropped the card behind the counter while making his toast.

Seriously???  I've got my sister's luck.

We scored a new microwave through Best Buy during the holiday sales.  We got our Samsung microwave for $99 including no tax and free shipping.  Boo ya!  We are craigslisting our old GE Profile Spacemaker microwave (which I LOVE) for $30, so hopefully it will sell, which will mean our microwave costs $69.  Double boo ya!  We are no longer microwaving on the floor, and it's great!
Owen loved microwaving his toys though.

The brand/model microwave I would highly recommend to anyone.  It's awesome!

The only downfall at this moment is that it's not part of an appliance set.  Our microwave is Samsung, and our oven is GE.  This means slight color variations and such along with a darker glass for our microwave.  See the pic above, and notice how light the glass is.  But anyone searching for a 130k home (we're moving once Matt graduates) would be pleased with a new microwave, newer appliances, new cabinets, and granite counter tops.  Am I right, or am I right?

So here's the before and after.

Yay!  No more stained yellow wallpaper (or microwaving on the floor).

It's a beauty.  Good job babe!


  1. OMG! Look at how cute your kitchen is! I'm SO jelly! Tell Matt I'm going to be showing my husband his work and asking why we don't have an awesome kitchen like yours!

  2. Anonymous12/29/2011

    Looks great Nancy... and where are you thinking of moving too?

  3. Anonymous3/19/2012

    Please research the dangers of microwaves and what they do to food.

    1. Oh, that is hilarious. fyi- we didn't really microwave his toys, if that is what you are referring to.


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