Veni ~ A before + after

Either I'm talking French, or I'm talking about my newly spruced up plastic deer.   Veni came to me last Thanksgiving when I was visiting my sister.   I stopped by the local thrift store, and Veni asked me to come home with me.  How could I say no to this plastic face?  So I packed her in my purse, after I properly paid of course, and we went for a little joy ride before she went under reconstructive surgery.

After a few coats of Valspar Island Orange, Veni is feeling quite pretty.



  1. Lisa Wilson2/14/2012

    LOL Cute :)

  2. She was cute before, but after she is WOW! Looks like she is very friendly and loves to travel. :)

    1. Thanks Jane! I must have not taken a very good before shot because she fugly!! China tramp stamp and all! But I'll let Veni know you think she's purty inside and out. She appreciates nice comments. :)

  3. News! News! News! I awarded your blog an award. Go check it out! http://mommyforreals.blogspot.com/2012/02/liebster-award.html

  4. Ooo love the pop of orange! That's a great color :)


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