time for your vote!! || cast your vote for creating with the stars

This is one of those posts that if you're reading this RIGHT now, just go ahead and take a minute to click over and vote!  It ends tomorrow evening, so that's not a lot of time.

Awhile back, I entered Creating with the Stars, and I made it!  All entries are anonymous, meaning you have no clue which project is mine!  Vote for your favorite 3!  There is some seriously amazing talent that has me shaking in my boots!  :)

Vote here.

Thanks everyone!



  1. I was trying to figure out which project was yours... I'll be curious to see if I was right!

  2. Voted! I think I decipher which one was yours. It was one of only a few I really liked. Some I thought were just bleah!

  3. Voted! Can't wait to see which one is yours and hope I got it right!

  4. Totally knew that project was yours! Glad I voted for it!!!!

  5. I absolutely loved your project! I was hoping it would make it through this week. So happy i stumbled upon your blog a while back and congrats on being a finalist. I'm now a new follower!

  6. I didn't know I could vote for 3 - I only voted for one - yours!


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