Dresser turned Activity Table

This dresser got me into Round 2 of Creating with the Stars.  VOTE NOW FOR ROUND 2!!  It ends tonight!

This idea is fairly simple to do.  Take off your top and back of dresser.  Cut off the dresser where the top of the middle drawer meets.  Sand all the exposed areas very well to avoid splinters.  Attach your new back and top, and that's it.  You have an activity table or dresser or buffet.  It's totally up to you what you want to do with it.   It's great for indoors or outdoors, but I don't recommend using sand indoors.  :)  If you plan on using this outdoors, paint the entire piece inside and out with exterior paint to protect it from the elements.  I used Behr in Chlorophyll.  My knobs came from Anthropologie.   I screwed in two handles for the top so it is removable.

I have tutorial for painting furniture here, except if you are using exterior paint there is no need to seal it afterwards.  So you can skip that step.

*Word of caution - If at all possible, make sure it stays in a covered area.  Due to time constraints with the contest it was used in, I was not able to allow a proper curing time of 30 days for my paint.  My project was rained on shortly after taking photos and caused bubbling in the veneer.  :(  But when I spoke to Home Depot and a Behr specialist, they all said the exterior paint should work fine on outdoor furniture.  I was told sealing it was not necessary, but I can only imagine sealing could improve the lasting quality.*

Please take a minute to click over and vote for your favorite 3 for the knock-off round!!  I have had a lot of my friends say this round was a lot trickier choosing which one was mine!  Thanks for voting!

To see Round 1 entries, click here.

And can I just say I miss my sewing machine.  I do.  It has been really fun though focusing on nothing but home decor, but man.  I just want to sew some crap!



  1. thought that looked like yours -- glad to see that you made it to round 2

  2. That was seriously my favorite of the bunch last time! Congrats on making it through to round 2! *Here's* to round 3!!!

  3. love this!!! you deserve the vote i am about to give!

  4. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE!!! It was so well done. Good luck in the next round.

  5. Oh my goodness, there are so many great ideas! I am having a seriously hard time choosing which to vote for in this round. And a seriously hard time figuring out which is yours. I'm pretty sure I know one that isn't, but that's not helping.

  6. Congrats! That is such an awesome idea!

  7. Voted! It was challenging this time trying to figure out yours. I think I did though! Good luck!

  8. This is a FANTASTIC idea! Brilliant! Mimi of 2, soon to be 3 little ones! Love it.


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