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I am so excited Jennifer from Ellison Lane Quilts asked me to review a book to which she contributed.  Me?!?  A quilt book?!?  First off, I have never written a book review.  Ever.  If I had to write one in high school, I do not remember it.  In fact, I rarely read any of the assigned books in English class.  What can I say?  I have rebellious blood in me.   Second, I feel so honored she wanted to hear my opinion about the quilts in the book.  I really do not consider myself a quilter . . . yet.  I do enjoy making them, but I tend to think that the more seasoned sewers are the true quilters.  I am not sure if this is why Jennifer selected me or she just likes me in general.  :)

I feel comfortable saying this book is appropriate for beginners to intermediate quilters.  I believe the advanced, experienced quilters seeking a challenge could feel disappointed, as there are no intricate or complex designs in any of the quilts.  But I would not let that stop you from perusing the book to see for yourself if you could be inspired by any of the quilts.  There is much inspiration to be had in the book.

What I enjoyed about the book was the fact it is a compilation from familiar faces.  I felt excitement and happiness for each individual blogger.  I think it is a huge accomplishment to be published, so I could not be any more happy for those in the book.   I also enjoyed reading their bios.  As a person who does not necessarily seek out or buy quilting books, this book has changed my mind to do so in the future.  It was really nice to flip through the pages and see a lot of quilts in one place.  I can go to my bookcase and pull out the book whenever I am wanting inspiration.   I believe this book can suit modern and traditional tastes, so do not let the word modern in the title deter you from buying this book, if you prefer a more traditional style.

**Here is a little note for those making their first quilts using this book.  This book only shares with you cutting requirements and how to assemble a block.  You will need access to your local library or internet to finish your quilt.  This was not an issue for me since I have made quilts in the past, but this will be a problem for someone who is making his or her first quilt and has no prior knowledge of fabric selection, basting, quilting, binding, and does not have access to the resources mentioned above.  The book does provide website addresses for you to complete your quilt.**

I figured if I am reviewing the book, why not actually make one of the quilts featured?  I chose Petal Pod by Jessica Kovach

I have never worked with curves before, and I found it a little challenging at first but totally doable.  After my second curved piece, I realized the pattern piece (Piece B) was about a 1/4" too short on either side for my fat, stubby fingers.  Adding an extra 1/4" on either side made up for the loss when the fabric is pinned into a curve and gave me a little more room to maneuver the ends.  Once I added that extra length, sewing the curves became a breeze.  You may not experience that problem though.  Overall, I am pleased with the pattern.  How cute are these pods??

I made a simple back because let's be honest here.  I have discovered I loathe making quilt backs.

I purchased my  Tsuru from StashModernFabric.  Beth had it a couple of days before any other shop did.  Awesome when you are working with a deadline!  Kona's Curry works really well with Tsuru, which is what I used with this quilt.  And a little FYI- Tsuru color's are not bright but rather muted.

Do you want to try a few of the quilts in this book?  How about a FREE BOOK???  Head on over to Ellison Lane Quilts to enter her giveaway!



  1. great review -- your quilt looks great too. I love the linear quilting.

  2. I think you did a great review and made a cool quilt from someone who said that she doesn't consider herself a quilter. I'm off to explore your blog.

  3. Super awesome quilt Nancy! Thanks SO much for reviewing the book and sharing your experience. I knew you would be a fun person to ask! :)

  4. Great review! Like the balance. Love the quilt! Curves!!! Girl you are so a quilter!


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