Fabric Friday {the Quilts of Gee's Bend} & {Four Bunnies}

 I *may* be mixing things up on Fabric Fridays.  Traditionally, I have shared with you fabrics by the yard or bundles.  I still want to share that with you, but honestly, as much as I love fabric, I occasionally need a break from a hunt.   Like for instance, I wanted to put together an Easter fabric post, and after an hour on the computer searching hard, I came up with only four prints that fall within my aesthetics.  Four??  In one hour?? And bunnies have nothing to do with Jesus.  I could have done something else with that time.  Like eat a doughnut.   Instead, I am sharing with you a fabric related post, but including that one hard darn hour of work at the end.  I hope you guys don't mind.  Do you?
 I found these wonderful quilts awhile back through another blog, and I love how the patterns are so unexpected and juxtaposed.  I hope you will like them too.  These are imperfectly perfect.

You can see more quilts here.

Here are the four bunny prints.


Which quilt is your favorite?  Mine is the starburst and the hot pink/gray/white one, but there are many more quilts to look at.   And try not to be mad at me or I might think about doughnuts.  Happy Easter guys, and if you don't celebrate Easter, happy weekend.



  1. The quilts are okay, but I like that last bunny print you found!

  2. Anonymous4/06/2012

    I am loving the quilts. My grandma taught me to quilt when I was 10 years old. I made my first quilt, and that was before rotary cutters and the like. Things did not line up like they do now, but the quilts were so wonderful. That star quilt is rocking. What a great mix of color and pattern.

    If I were to make a quilt again, I really think I'd rather it look like one of the ones you posted, than one that is so so perfect. Maybe that's just because I am too afraid of messing up... there is something comforting is a slightly imperfect item.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Great quilts! my fav is the yellow step design with the floral (?) edging.
    Thanks for featuring my Jade Moon Rabbit print on your blog :)


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