Bye, Bye Boob + Small Kitchen Reveal

Adios boob light! . . .  in the kitchen.  Don't worry.  Not revealing any ta-tas.  Originally my plan was to show you guys my kitchen after I got it all fixed up purty, but let's be realistic.

1.  I'm going the rate of a slug with this kitchen process.
2.  I think most people like to take the journey with you on remodels.

So you are going to get to see my kitchen as it is right now.  There's plenty left to do, but we are closer to the end than the beginning.

If you are new to reading, let me inform you that we will be moving in 2-3 years, so this controls a lot of the decisions we make for our home.  Also, we bought our home for 130k , so any large amount of money we put into our home we will probably not get back, but redoing our kitchen was something we thought was worth it.   Besides getting new cabinets, countertops, dishwasher, and microwave, we didn't want to put any more large amounts of money into it.  And let me just say, redoing our kitchen has been worth it!!

I was going back and forth about the boob light in the kitchen.  I don't like boob lights because they . . . well, look like boobs.  But it wasn't really necessary for me to change out our kitchen light because it was just fine, and I could live with it for another few years.   Over the weekend, Matt and I went to the flea market and we found this light . . . for $12.  SOLD.  In person it looks a bit more industrial with its metal, scuffed frame. 

I knew it would look great with our kitchen hardware and above the island, which should be ready to make its grand appearance next week.

Here is what the kitchen looks like before we installed this light.  And Sarah, I wasn't joking when I said my "curtains" were more ghetto than yours.  Yep, that's what we call a sheet.

And here it is with its new light.  Now hold up before you are like, "Nancy, that light ain't centered on the ceiling sista."  We will center it at a later date.  And if you are like, "Nancy, that light is all crooked and stuff."  It's really not.  It just depends on where you are standing if the metal bars line up.  I know it's playing tricks on your eyes.  It was playing some on me when I asked Matt to move the light a million times before figuring it out.

Here it is with the light on.  Right now there is a fluorescent light bulb in there, but we will more than likely change it out for something else later down the road.  If I can live with a bed sheet on the wall, I can certainly live with a fluorescent light bulb.

Here's what's left that I would like to do with the kitchen.

1.  Add trim to the top of cabinets???  Totally not necessary, but still an idea.
2. Add recessed lights?  Not necessary either, but still an idea.
3.  Window treatments.  Totally necessary.  Those two doors face west.
4. Paint the walls a creamy, dreamy gray.  Already bought the paint!
5. Fix the ceiling around the light.  The popcorn is brown. :(
6. Add base moulding next to the pantry.  It was taken off during cabinet install.
7. Add some rugs.
8. Add my kitchen island next week!!!

Here's a breakdown of what we have already done.

Cabinets - $2600 with installation, hardware, and self-closing drawers (soooo nice!)
Granite countertop - $1200 (laminate was going to be $800.  whaaaat???)
Subway tile backsplash - $150
Microwave - $90
Dishwasher- $250

Total so far: $4290

And I will say it again.  It has been well worth it!

Here are two more shots of the light.  We'll fix the stain at a later date.

Not bad for $12.



  1. i love your kitchen! that light looks great in there, nice work!

  2. Looks great...I am so jealous of your white cabinets! I need a kitchen redo badly. Can't wait to see the final results

  3. It looks fabulous! and I love the new lighting fixture! Your kitchen looks like it could be in a magazine!!!!! I LOVE IT......congratulations!

  4. Looks so great! What color gray are you painting it? Great job!

  5. I love that light! I think it's turned out great so far. Your kitchen is making me jealous. Mine sucks in comparison!

    So, 2-3 years and you'll be moving to Arizona??

  6. You guys are making progress for sure. EVEN WITH the sheet and flourescent light is is waaaaaay nicer than our poopy kitchen.


    The light is awesome and it will look even better once the island is installed underneath it.

    Wait a minute, you have room for an island???? No fair!!!!!


  7. Looooooooove your kitchen, ghetto sheet and all! The light fixture is perfect!

  8. Baaahaaahaaa!! LOVE the ghetto fab sheet curtains! Glad I'm not the only one!! And I'm so jealous of your light fixture...I need to come to the flea markets in NC! And your kitchen is crazy clean.
    I have a few boobs around here that I need to get rid of too (light fixtures that is) but even worse, I've got the ugly white ceiling fans in EVERY room. Can't wait to see it all come together with your island!


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