cargo stools

first up, i got the island back into the kitchen!  love. love. love.

second up, i finished my quilt and will be hosting a quilt link party on monday, but i will talk more about that tomorrow.

third, i was browsing world market online, and i stumbled upon these cute stools.

 what also caught my attention is they are 50% off right now!  toddler in tow, i hurried to the store to pick some up.  i got two of them for $85, which included tax.  i wasn't planning on buying stools for the island since there is no overhang for you to scoot your legs under.  i'm not really sure what changed my mind, but i did.  owen LOVES it.  he just HAD to sit at the island, and he carried this stool around with him all day.  at dinner time, he even pushed his dining chair out of the way to make room for the stool, so he ate on the stool while sitting at a card table.  hilarious. 

here's two phone pics giving you a sneak peek at the island.

he can also get up and down from the stool easily, but i am sure he is going to fall off of it one of these days.

and if you missed me painting the kitchen a new color, you can see that here.

thanks for stopping in today!  i thought i would leave you a little love and show you how we roll here in the south.



  1. Love the stools! And that car is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

  2. I adore the countertop of your island against the white base - can't wait to see it all!

  3. Hey! I didn't say you could post a picture of my car!!

  4. Your boys both look comfy!


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