Happy Halloween!

I think everyone but me has carved a pumpkin, made or bought costumes, bought candy, and has prepared for the big night ahead.  Poor Owen doesn't have a costume, but luckily, grandma mailed an adorable onesie with a glow in the dark ghost.  

Since I didn't carve any pumpkins this year, I will live vicariously through others.  Google news last Friday featured a sculpture artist, Ray Villafane, and I was really impressed with his work.

He also has done some amazing sand sculptures.  I would hate to sit next to him at the beach.  He would make my sand castles look really sad.  And it was not until I uploaded these pictures that I realized the only two I picked were on extreme opposite sides of the spectrum. :)

Every year we always see funny things people do with pumpkins.  You may have seen these two photos around the internet, but I didn't see them until recently.  They made me laugh.  These pictures came off of Facebook, so I don't know who the original owner of these are. 

Did you carve pumpkins this year?  If you want to show me, I would love to see them!  You can email a photo or two, and maybe I will post what you guys have done.

Oh, I would love to see your costumes too!!!!  


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