A few changes . . .

I am making a few changes around here.  Ultimately, I would like to change my blog to a more polished looking blog, but I am still learning the ropes.   I feel this is going to be a slow, never-ending process.

The main three things that have changed up to this date are
1. I am no longer typing using center format, which is driving me a little nuts at the moment, but I will get use to it.
2.  I have allowed ALL my links to open in a new window for easier browsing.  If you are anything like me, I easily get distracted and hate to try to find my way back to the main post I was reading.
3.  I have added a new page titled "Magazine Files."  This page is ultimately for me.  It's a place for me to publicly store my magazine clippings.  I wanted to share them publicly, so you can access some of the things that inspire me.  Most of these clippings are old, and I get a lot of them from the magazines I subscribe to like BHG, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, and Family Fun.  I also dumpster dive for my magazines, so I collect random magazines throughout the year.

Is there anything you notice that my blog needs attending to?  I want to make my blog accessible and easy to read without any frustrations.  Basically, if you like my blog, I want you to come back!

 As for the overall look of my blog, I am working on that too.  I didn't realize how difficult it is, well for me at least, to put together what every other beautiful blog has.  I just need to fork out the money for a web designer.  :)

If you have any suggestions, they are most welcomed, unless comments are rude, then they will be deleted. :)  Not to be a meany, it's just that I don't want this to be a place of negativity.  There's a way to say stuff nicely without offending, and it is called constructive criticism.

I LOVE comments though, so leave one for me that might help me (us) out!!

P.s.- I do have a bad habit of starting sentences with conjunctions, but I feel this blog is not an English essay.  This is something that is part of me, and it might drive some people nuts.  If it really, really bothers my readers, I will try to change that.  Pinky promise.  But (LOL) if I don't hear about it, I am not changing it.


  1. I love your background and links that pen up in new tabs - but the font of your posts is very light and hard to read I usually have to highlight it(and I'm under 30!)

  2. Thank you SO much for the heads up! The blue font on my Mac is dark, so I would have never thought it hard to read. Changing this pronto.

  3. oops. I meant gray, but you can see the blue clearly, right?

  4. Okay, I changed the gray font to black. I hope this helps. Thank you Jen!

  5. I love your blog and love reading it- I have lots of blogs in my google reader but yours is the only one that I actually get in my e-mail inbox...I like it THAT much :) Great job! I don't really have any criticism- for me its not so much about the format as the content- and you've got that one down!

  6. Aleesha ~ I am so happy to hear that you like my blog so much! It truly makes me happy to know people are enjoying the happenings around here. Love ya girl!

  7. I definitely agree with the font thing. I was highlighting it too! But I have bad eyes so I figured it was just my problem! Your blog is so clean and fresh looking already! I guess a little more color or icons might help it look more "polished" but I really like it. And don't worry about starting sentences with conjunctions. I like your posts because it feels like we're having a conversation, even though we don't know one another.

    I would like to change my blog too. I just started blogging since becoming a stay-at-home mom, but any advice would help! Go take a look: www.mommyforreals.blogspot.com

  8. If you're looking for comments and suggestions, here's another regarding font. Just so you know where it's coming from, I'm a research librarian who spends a great deal of time all over the internet. That said, I find your chosen font uncomfortable to read. It's slightly on the smallish side for a font with seraphs and, in general, seraphs are not as internet friendly as sans seraphs. If you do a little search using the words "best" "fonts" "web" "design", you'll come up with a lot of options. Also try replacing "best" with "tips" in your search. I'll bet you'll learn something about font design, readability, and many other helpful recommendations as well.

  9. Thank you Heather! I went to some of my favorite bloggers who have thousands of followers (not that that is important or anything) and sure enough most of them are using sans serif. I did a comparison of the two by using my blog and another's blog, and my husband and I both agreed sans serif was a lot cleaner and easier to read. I really do like the "look" of serif, but after the comparison, sans serif is easier on the eyes. I will definitely look into some fonts to find one that I feel expresses me as a person but doesn't hurt our eyes! :)

  10. Your blog looks fabulous. I am looking into a face lift on mine pretty soon too. I may just have to go to a professional...no time to figure everything out anymore.

  11. If you want to go a more professional style. Check us out (click our name for link)

    Best Regards,
    BlogMakeOver Team


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