{Etsy} Sweets

I don't know about you, but sweets are my one weakness. I feel like Dorcas Lane saying that. I swear I put myself in sugar comas most days. So I guess by definition I am a sugar whore. I like how I can browse Etsy for sweet treats and fill my entire screen with delectable goodies. It's much faster than cruising down Glenwood, but instant gratification is nowhere to be found on Etsy. Guess I will just be lazy and drool on myself.

Edible Acorns

Holy Crap ~ S'more Cookies

Shrooms that don't make you crazy
Pie in a jar

Blackberry Fudge
Caramel Bars
Chocolate Almond Coconut
Toasted Sesame Seed Lollipops
Fruit jellies
Cookie Dough truffles ~ Shut up!

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