Simple Pillowcase Dog Bed {Tutorial}

It was time for our German Short-Haired Pointer to get his own bed!  I am soooo tired of him hogging our bed and placing his scratchy paws on my face (or his butt in my face for that matter).  Well, a light went off this evening when I was contemplating what to do with one of our four down comforters.  Yes, four.  We only own 2 beds.  If Walker likes our bed so much, why not make his bed out of our bedding material?

I used one of the down comforters for the stuffing, and I made a cover for the comforter.  Yes, I could have made it fancier with tassels, used nylon fabric to make cleaning a little easier, or used interfacing to make stiff sides, but I wanted to make it as bed like as possible.  Plus, I wanted to use whatever fabric I had in my closet and make it in short amount of time.   Here are instructions on how to make a simple dog bed.  Use your imagination, and change things up, if you like.  I would love to see your dog bed, if you made one!

Supplies to make a simple dog bed (think of making a big pillow case and stuffing a comforter in it):
1 comforter (I am using a queen sized comforter)
2 yds of washed fabric to make a cover ( I used 1 yd of jersey fabric that I had left over from making a Moby Wrap.  I also used 1 yd cotton gauze striped fabric that I bought from Wal-Mart. )
Sewing pins
Sewing machine
Tape measure
Spray adhesive for fabric

Take the comforter and make sure you can fluff out the filling as best as possible.  Fold the comforter in half.  Now fold it again into three parts like when you fold a letter to go into an envelope.  My measurements folded are 23" x 43".  Go outside and spray the adhesive between the layers to make the comforter stick together.  You can also stay stitch the corners of the comforter with a sewing machine, if you do not have fabric adhesive.

Cut out two 24" wide x 44.5" long pieces using your fabric. (*Make adjustments if your comforter measures differently.  You will need an extra inch and a half (total) lengthwise to make a finished seam.  1" will be used at the top of the pillowcase to make a finished seam and the 1/2" will be used at the bottom for your seam allowance. You will need an extra inch for the width for the seam allowance.)  On the 24" side, you will make a french seam.  Fold down 1/2" and press with hot iron.  Fold it over again, and press.  Stitch the seam in place.  Repeat using the second piece of fabric.  These ends will be the finished ends of the pillowcase.  (If using fabric that doesn't fray like I did, you can skip making the french seams.)

Place the right sides of both pieces of fabric together.  Make sure the finished seams are lined up on the same side.  Pin into place.  Sew a 1/2" seam all around the edges except for the side with the finished seams.  Cut off excess fabric to reduce bulk.  Make sure you do not cut your seams!

Pull the pillowcase right side out, and use your fingers to push out the corners.  Insert down comforter. Your pillowcase is complete!

Another nice option is to make button holes on one side to close the pillowcase.  You can also try a pocket pillow case too, if you don't want one side of the comforter exposed.

It took me about 30 mins to make this.  Good luck!
Update-- I will strive to take better and more pictures in the future.  You've got to give me a break!  This is my first blog!

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  1. Cute bed and adorable dog! We have a sweet 12 year old German Shorthair Pointer who has several homemade covered beds + a futon of her own. They just have to be near you at all times!

  2. Yes, Walker has to be by our legs the entire time. I can't tell you how many times I have tripped. :)

  3. This is a great idea! You could also make one for a cat or small dog using an old pillow. What a great way to upcycle!


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