Insta-Wardrobe {Date Night}

Date night is something my hubby and I don't do enough of.  If there is anything right now that I dislike more than dressing up is trying to find something to wear.  I don't know what brought this on other than maybe becoming a mother.  There are certain colors I can't wear for the fear of getting pureed green beans on it, and let's not mention the year and a half I was disconnected from fashion (still happening).  I just hate malls, and I hate shopping.  Clothes shopping that is.  :)  But this doesn't stop me from admiring some of today's fashions wishing I could wear that out somewhere.  If you can't afford a pricey outfit (lame-o!), you can just drool and dream over these styles, which is what I have to do.
Soooo, I guess I'm lame.

Maybe this will help jump start your brain, so you don't have to be like me and spend hours going through the closet screaming "I have nothing to wear!" when the next date night comes around. 

Susan Woo

French Connection
French Connection
H & M

Free People
Shabby Apple
Shabby Apple
Susan Woo
Land's End Canvas
Max and Cleo
Banana Republic

Urban Outfitters
BCBG Maxazria
L'Wren Scott

Karen Zambos


  1. Anonymous7/28/2011

    You would so rock that green sequined dress.

  2. I need to make the coat at the top. Hmmm...

    But yes, I would totally rock the green dress!


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