Owen's Discovery of a New Best Friend

My son amazes me every day.  He teaches me the simple lessons in life, and he helps me to appreciate the small things in life.  Our family went to our local Chick-fil-A for a special they were promoting.  Owen was big eyed over the man dressed in the cow costume.  He was given a balloon, and his whole world opened up to a new level.  He clung onto to it tightly, and he held onto its string to make sure it would not leave his side.  He LOVED it!  It definitely entertained him the entire day.  (Thank goodness!)
How could something so simple and plain be the best thing in the world at that moment?  Well, if I have learned anything, it is I will be heading over to the dollar store to purchase helium balloons every once in awhile.  :) But on a serious note, I want to be more childlike and love all the moments life has to bring.  I want to be like Owen.

Like my chevron walls?  I can teach you how to do it.  Leave a comment to let me know you want a tutorial!


  1. Super cute walls. I wasn't sure if it was wallpaper or paint. Impressive. How'd you do it?

  2. Anonymous7/24/2011

    Of course I love your walls. Where would I put mine though? I got some new artwork up... I went to the church bookstore, and found a large framed picture of Christ for $100 off.

    oh, I could see a chevron wall in Calla's room... please teach me...

  3. Love the wall! Teach us!

  4. At least you don't have to scoop poop when he takes it for a walk :)

    And as I was scrolling down through the pics I was just thinking I loved your walls and wondering how you did it. Great job!

  5. Anonymous10/04/2011

    I would love to know how you painted those walls! Please give us a tutorial!

  6. Anonymous12/20/2011

    DId you ever show how to do the chevron walls? I LOVE THEM! I would love to do this in my new home!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your chevron obsession... got to this post from your chevron curtains. Would love a tutorial on both!

  8. I too love these walls! Are you going to post a tutorial? I have textured walls - do you think it would work on them?

    1. Hi Ellie! You can find the tutorial here. http://owensolivia.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-to-paint-chevrons-tutorial-readers.html

      Textured walls will be really difficult to get crisp lines, but I think anything can be doable. It just depends on the overall look you are going for.


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