The EM Quilt

Besides the binding, this quilt was actually finished awhile back, but I just have not had the time to get it posted.  Story of a quilter's life, right?

The more I am quilting, the more I am noticing my style and theme.  I gravitate towards clean lines, graphic designs, bold prints, and the color white!  I do have plans to break these molds though, but right now, I am just enjoying the journey.  I just love, love, love this quilt, and I will be forever jealous of the person that gets to take this home.   There will be more in the future!  Right now, the EM quilt is available in red, and I will soon have this available in black!  This is a larger quilt measuring 53" x 54."  Great for a child or used as a lap quilt for an adult.  

I have a very specific reason for naming this quilt EM.  EM is short for Emily and is an up-and-coming interior designer who I follow on a regular basis.  The design was inspired by a previous living room of hers.  I love how unique the quilt is, even though plus quilts are nothing new.  With the use of scale and stripes, this is a different take on the popular design, and I am so happy to introduce this design to my shop!

This quilt is now listed in my shop.  

I hope you had a great weekend.  My quilt making will be slowing down here shortly, so I can focus on a few other things.  I'm just itching to do a home project, but after these few years of blogging, I am still struggling to find balance.  Trying to prioritize the things I need and want to do is so hard and frustrating.  Ha!  When Anna Griffin came to speak to us at Cricut in UT, I asked her was how she found balance in life.  She laughed and told me that didn't exist.  And when I asked Candice Olson last October how she balanced family, work, and life, she laughed too and told me that didn't exist.  Awesome.   My Cricut Explore should be here in a little over a week, and I am excited to try it out.  The few hours I had to use it in UT was not long enough!  Later next month, I am participating in Ellison Lane's Crafty Traveler Series.   It's a month long series that starts next week, so maybe you might want to join us.  

What do you have going on?  How do you find balance in your life? Working on any home or sewing projects?  Let me know and include a link, so I can check it out.  

xx nancy

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  1. This quilt is gorgeous. I love the text binding and the diagonal straight line quilting.

  2. It is beautiful! I like the quilting.

  3. Such a gorgeous quilt! You have such a great style.

  4. That is an amazing quilt!


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