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I came across Thistle and Fox  on Etsy a while back, and I immediately fell in love.  If you like products that have a vintage, feminine, or woodsy feel, this is the shop for you.

*All photos belong to Thistle and Fox.

This pillow reminds me of my horse couch that I stamped last year.

Horse Pillow


Brass Fern Pins

Butterfly Fabric
Tote Bag


Isn't this shop adorable?  I definitely want to add a few things to my fabric stash.  She offers a lot other things as well, so make sure to check the shop out if you like what you see.  Two things I want to share with you real quick.  I finished a quilt earlier this week, but the lighting around here hasn't been great enough for picture taking.  I'm hoping to share photos on Monday, if this dreary weather clears up, but here is a snippet that I took for Instagram.  I'm pretty active on Instagram, so you should follow along, if you like.

And lastly, I have been waiting and waiting for this light to get finished.  I took this picture for Instagram as well.  Matt actually finished wiring it for me, but the wires were a little too short in one spot.  That left it with no current.  He had to break down the light, and I am hoping it will be put back together again this weekend.  It will not stay brass, although I really, really like it as is.   It's going to go in my kitchen, and the brass will clash with my green countertop.

I hope you have a great weekend.  I just celebrated my birthday (yesterday), and I might convince the husband that we need to celebrate all weekend.  :)

xx nancy


  1. Love the fabric! I'm off to check it out.

  2. Happy Birthday. Looks like a fun shop.

  3. Isn't Thistle and Fox a great shop? I love that owl feather fabric.

    Happy Birthday! Yes, a weekend-long celebration is definitely in order. :)

  4. Happy birthday. I love that rug!


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