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Happy Mail came today from one of my favorite shops, Stash Modern Fabric.   Beth is fabulous, ships quickly, and has some of the best modern fabrics around.  I am certain you will love shopping with her!

0"8/ f11/ ISO 400

I spy my new chalk wall. ;)

 0"8 / f11 / ISO 400

-Terrain in Slate
-Terrain in Cactus
-waterfront domino in dot
-Little Red Riding Hood Stripe in Green

-Indian Summer Forest mountain
-Koi Scalloped Edge
-Koi The Way of the Flowers
-Koi It's a Plus
-Koi Pennants Waving
-Koi Ebb and Flow
-Waterfront Flight

0"8/ f11/ ISO 200


Tule in 1/8th cuts

-Mojave Illuminated
-Native Fringe in Celest
-Meadow Vale in Dark
-Embroidered By in Moon
-Embroidered By in Sun
-Flora Oasis in Rosa
-Quietude in Dusk

My plans for Koi are a plus quilt, and the others are just stash builders.  I would like to incorporate Tule + Indian Summer into my feather quilt.  I was really thrilled when Beth was willing to cut me 1/8ths of Tule.  This way I am able to see the prints without investing too much.  I will definitely be ordering more of Tule!

1"3 / f11 / ISO 200

I am also linking up to Plum and June's photography link up, which explains why I have info below my pictures.  All my photos were taken indoors using my Canon Rebel T3i.



  1. I now have fabric envy! Particularly like the bird fabric.

  2. Your new wall makes an awesome background!!!

  3. You are right those fabrics are very modern and quirky too! Love them, and great pix as well.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  4. Great pictures. The fabric is very adorable. I will have to check out that fabric shop!

  5. Glad you added your numbers to the pics. I'm just barely getting my feet wet with photography with my new camera so I'm enjoying seeing everyone's posts about it :-)

  6. Ha! I knew you would jump in the water with the fishes! Love the Tule too!

  7. Love your photos and the background.

  8. Thank you Nancy for this very nice post about my shop! :)

  9. what a great pull! lovely photos, too.

  10. Gorgeous picks! I'm loving Koi, it's just beautiful.


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