vacation is so nice

I really didn't want Matt's family to leave.  Owen had so much fun playing with them, and for once, the dog left me alone.   We didn't too much while they were here.  We hung out at our home, played a lot of Dominion, visited a few museums in downtown, and ate delicious snow cones at Pelican's.  I'm not including photos of them, except one of grandpa.  They might not appreciate their pics on the web.

The two grandpas.

A trolley pub passed us in downtown.  Everyone is peddling.   I would love to see this in action while everyone is drunk.

Matt's ancestors.

Pelican's is awesome.  The ice is so fine and smooth.  You are never crunching on large chunks of ice.  They have over a hundred flavors.

Owen loves Pelican's.

I also went to Fort Macon (near Atlantic Beach) with my sister and her kids.   We stayed at my dad's place for a couple of days.   Owen and I were excited to head out to the beach. 

10 minutes later.

5 hours later.   It was mostly overcast the first day (and I got burned), and it was nice and breezy.

I no longer like to tan since cancer runs in my family.  I kept my dress on for the trip, and I put on 30 SPF.  I might need to use baby sunscreen in the future.  Don't let this burn fool you though.  Back in the day when I thought tanning was cool, I would get darker than any Mexican here in NC. 

And lastly, Owen got stuck during a timeout.   (This is how I feel about vacation ending.)
*Am I cruel for making Owen wait on me to find the camera???

I'm really not ready to get back to the "real" world.  It was really nice taking an internet break too.  Have you ever taken a computer break that was longer than a day?  How was your week?



  1. How funny...I am on that Trolley Pub!!

    1. Are you serious???? Did I really take a photo of you?

  2. haha - I make my girl wait on me to find the camera allll the time! some things are just too funny to not get a pic!
    Looks like a fun holiday!

  3. OMG! That sunburn makes me cringe! Looks like you had fun though!

  4. That trolly pub is the coolest thing I have ever seen!! I wonder of they would get a DUI when all tipsy?!
    Looks like you had a great time! When we go to our cabin for 2 weeks each summer, we have NO internet or phone....and I love it!! So nice to stop and unplug every now and again. That being said...it's nice to have you back!!


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