Fabric Friday {Ttoz}

This is just a fun designer.  You can visit Ttoz on Etsy or Spoonflower.

Have a great weekend everybody! 

xo - nancy


  1. OK so I LOVE the ducks and fish print! It is so me! I don't usually like the rubber duck type prints-too cutesy but this I like!

  2. I've seen this stuff before. I want to say it was on Spoonflower though... maybe not. Anyway, good picks.

  3. Thank you so much for the mention, Nancy (and Colleen and Danny!)! So fun to see what designs caught your eye! I've been on Spoonflower for a while now, so chances are you saw me over there, Danny! -- definitely recommend trying it out if you haven't yet!
    ♥Drea of Ttoz Designs


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