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BDDW Grane Sofa- one of my dream couches

For Christmas in 2013, Matt gifted me living room furniture.  It was such a great present!  I do not really want to delve into too much of my couch shopping history.  It is pathetic and can induce eye rolling.  Let's just say I started off with a brown couch.  A brown living room for that matter.  Everything was so brown and neutral.

Since I have not blogged about the interiors of my home in awhile, let me speed this up.  Owen ripped out the right side of the curtain rod (thank goodness), and I sold my cream rug.  I found a black and white rug on Craigslist.

Christmas 2013

I sold couch and moved chairs in its place.

Hung a quilt and moved in a long bench opposite of the chairs.
These photos are from my personal Instagram account. (@nancy_purvis for my personal life // @owensolivia for my sewing life)

All the artwork from under the couch was now leaning up against the wall.

And then I painted my walls white about two months ago, which is not pictured in any of the photos above.  Those three simple changes made a big impact for my living room, in my opinion.

We kept our living room like this for almost a year.  It worked just fine for our small family, but I soon felt the need for a couch to lounge on.

I looked at so many couches before choosing one, and I will share with you the top picks.  I wanted a single cushion with a tufted back or a single cushion back to avoid that sloppy, slouchy pillow look that seems to happen after years of use.  I also preferred to have a couch that was at least 90" wide, but I believe the standard is anywhere from 80"-84".  At least, that is what it seemed like when shopping.   I didn't realize how hard it actually would be to find something within my criteria, and when I finally felt like I found the dream couch, it was way out of my price range.  

I narrowed it down to these choices.

West Elm  Crosby Sofa

Pros:  It was comfortable and long.  Customer service is great.
Cons: Two back pillows and their gray color was just okay.

Thrive Furniture Jefferson Sofa

Pros:  The right length and one seat cushion and back.  They had a good gray color.
Cons: Cannot test it out to check for comfort and didn't want to deal with return shipping if it didn't work out.

West Elm Ainslie Sofa

Pros:  Good color, tufted back one seat cushion.
Cons:  Cannot test it out for comfort.  Return shipping.  Too short in length.

Kim Salmela Coco Sofa

This was my dream couch (and still is).  It has everything I wanted, but the price tag was just too high.
Pros:  Very comfortable, handmade in the USA, long, tufted, and one seat cushion.  Legs can be customized.
Cons:  price

So what did I pick?  I actually chose none of these, and I will share my new couch in a different post.  It's okay.  I would scream and kick and hate me too for doing that to you.  :)   But it already took me  an hour to write up this short post, and this mama has a home to attend to!

Thanks for stopping in!!  No, seriously.  You are amazing, and I love you.  Are any of these your favorite?  Which one would you have picked?  Do you have hard time finding the "perfect" couch?

xx nancy

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  1. We bought a new couch a couple of years ago. Spent a fortune on it. Or at least for us. It already has that slouchy pillow look :(. Not that it isn't comfy, but you know... I'm digging the one in the very first photo.

  2. Love the last one!! My husband surprised me with a new couch and 2 new recliners last year for Christmas...brown.leather...HATE them but I'm stuck with them, probably forever! He keeps making these weird choices about window coverings and furniture - I've just decided to let him do what he wants and not stress about it. I've told him how much I hate the choices he makes - every time he does it, but it doesn't keep him from doing it again. I just had to either give up what I want for decor or give him up...I'll keep him!

    1. Ha!! That is so funny!! Maybe he'll get it one day, but you definitely deserve wife of the year! You are so patient and loving!! :)

  3. Oooh... the Jefferson is fantastic! I have a 10+ year old brown leather Pottery Barn sofa that has held up amazingly well through kids and pets, but I'm so beyond tired of brown. It is rich & chocolately, and goes well with hardwood floors and turquoise/celadon/linen, but it. is. so. brown. I'll live vicariously through you!

    1. Ha!! You sure can! Leather is a great option for families! And yes, brown leather goes with everything! :)

  4. I love the big red plus quilt! The stripes in the red add nice interest to the big block. Looks great :) Now I kind of want to whip up one of these for my wall....maybe black and white...


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