Pattern Parcel #7

Hello!  Awhile back I agreed to make a sample from one of the patterns from Pattern Parcel #7.  If you are like I was, you may be unfamiliar with Pattern Parcel.

Pattern Parcel #7: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win!

Pattern Parcel has a simple mission in mind.  The company offers sewing enthusiasts the chance to support indie designers and children's education by allowing the buyers to choose how much they would like to donate when purchasing the parcel.  Here is what they have to say in regards to supporting children's education.

Donors Choose is an organization that matches up the needs of teachers and their students for specific projects with willing donors.  The funds raised from each Pattern Parcel sale will go to help K-12 students in minimizing educational inequality and encourage a community where children have the tools and experiences necessary for an excellent education.  

Each parcel is unique with a theme in mind.  This month's parcel is focused on handbags.  Once the parcel time is up, the bundle package is gone.  The buyer will then need to purchase the patterns individually.  Don't want to sew all the patterns within the collection?  That's ok.  You purchase what you think the patterns are worth to you.

Pattern Parcel #7 includes 5 patterns, but choose a price of $32 or greater and you will automatically be sent the Bonus Pattern.  That's just over $5 a pattern!  The bonus pattern is the brand new Daphne Bag from Clover & Violet.  The Daphne is a slouch satchel that can be worn across the body or as a should bag.  The zip top keeps your gear secure and the internal pockets keep your accessories where you need them.

Pattern Parcel #7: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win

I made the Daphne bag, and it was a really quick sew (and even quicker since I skipped the patchwork and handles).   I am sure you will enjoy it.

To get your Pattern Parcel #7, click the link below.

Pattern Parcel #7: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win

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  1. This is gorgeous! I'm not a quilter and the patchwork didn't really speak to me, but this is totally my jam. Any fabric info you can share? I love what you used!

    1. I love that this is a versatile pattern. I don't typically make patchwork bags either, so this was more appropriate for me. The pattern is really easy and sews up quickly! I used Nate Berkis fabric and woven pleather. All from JoAnn.

  2. I love your version of the Daphne. I would definitely use this version rather than the original. I also love your fabric choices especially the plain black. It looks like woven pleather??

    1. It is pleather from JoAnn! They had a decent selection when I went. Jennie did a great job with the pattern. You should try it!

  3. Nicely done. I like your fabric. I do like both the original and your version of this bag.

    1. Thank you! I like both versions too! It's a really quick sew!

  4. I love what you've done to the Daphne. Those black and white prints are awesome. And did that leather come prewoven?

  5. I didn't even recognize this as one of the parcel bags without the patchwork. Nice job showing the versatility of that pattern! I love when people can see past the cover photo and make something that really fits their own style.

  6. Love your fabric choices!


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