Felt Acorn Ornaments || DIY

Felt Acorn Ornaments || DIY

This is a tutorial that I did for Whipperberry back in 2011.   I am sharing a new ornament tutorial in the coming days, so I wanted to share this tutorial with you as well, especially since Christmas is fast approaching.

I still love my acorns!!   They are still going strong 3 years later.  Owen did destroy a few of them, but I blame that on his toddler behavior.  Now he actually respects the things in my home, for the most part.  :)   I should definitely make more of these though, and they make great gifts.  I even used them to tie around some caramel jars I had made.


Felt balls, store bought or you can make your own.
Acorn caps
Hot glue
Needle and embroidery floss

1.   Thread your needle and triple knot the ends together.
2.  Using your needle and something hard (scissors), push the needle through the acorn cap to create a hole.

3.  Push the needle throughout the felt ball and in through the hole you made in the cap.

4.  If you do not want to use hot glue, pull all the way through.  If you want the cap to stay in place, apply hot glue, then push the cap down.

5.  Cut the string at the needle, and tie a knot.  That's it!  You have your acorn ornament!


xx nancy

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tutorial, I was looking for a project just like this.

  2. Those couldn't be any cuter! Off to pin and hopefully make one day. Love these Nancy!


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