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Before the family and I head out today to test drive a few more sewing machines, I wanted to quickly share with you what else I am testing out.  You may have noticed a few little changes to the left side bar.  I still feeling things out, so it may change a little here and there as time goes by.

First up, I added a JUST COMPLETED tag.  I thought it might be nice to help those who are not everyday readers to stay up-to-date using one photo for a quick reference.  Also, I think it will be fun to see how quickly this photo changes!  I'll replace this photo every time I sew, craft, or home decor the snot out of something.

Second up, I added a POST GRAVEYARD tag.   Under this tag, I'll list some older posts.  It will include posts that may have been overlooked and/or popular posts, but I'll try to keep a variety in what is actually listed.  Like this month, I have two crafts, a DIY home project, a recipe, and a fabric post.  I'm thinking of changing this up every few weeks to keep things spicy.

Let me know what you think of the two new additions!

The last thing I am testing is sewing machines, but I already mentioned that first.  :)  I have a little debate going on about sewing machines, so if you own one, you should definitely stop by.  I'd love to hear your input!  Everyone that has commented has been so wonderful.  Thank you!  Your comment may be helping out someone else too! 

I'm also looking at the Bernina 830 (older one) and Bernina 1080 or 1090 (both old).  I contacted my Bernina dealer who said the 830 is a sought after machine and has been very popular among sewists.  Hence, Bernina named the new 830 after the old one.  Also Bernina fans, Bernina is coming out with a new 710 in the fall.  This will include 10" harp size, dual feed, and a bobbin that can hold 80% more thread!!  The 710 will approximately cost $4100, which is only a few hundred more dollars than the 550.  Hmm, that model definitely has me thinking!

*update: The 710 is not a QE, so you would need to purchase a walking foot and the BSR separately, which may not be worth it.  :(  If only Bernina would supply a larger harp size in the middle priced range.  Sigh.



  1. Ok, first of all, great news on the Bernina front! I'm intrigued. Might have to go play when they come in! And I like the Just Completed picture! Great idea.

  2. Looks great, the just completed is a very cool idea. So organized it's quite impressive!

    xo Lilly


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