The other weekend the family and I hiked one of the trails on Stone Mountain in NC.  It's a really beautiful place, and I highly recommend it if you live in the area.  I didn't snap too many photos only confirming that I am the world's worst person to remember to take photos.  One of the trails leads you to a massive stone you can play on.  Hence the name Stone Mountain.  I'm a little scared of heights, so I didn't dare walk towards the edge to see how high up we were.  This rock spanned pretty far.  It would make a killer spot for a late night bon fire.  But if you go, please don't drink on that rock.  I can only picture people falling off of it, and that causes more anti-height anxiety for me.

Owen found a bug.  I asked him to smile, and this is what he did.  Such a stinker.

I have a video to post too, but don't worry.  I was fully awake for this one.  I will have to upload it another time though.  My iMovie is currently giving me hiccups, and I just said screw it.   I'll probably do something classic like insert the video Nancy style while I discuss mood boards or something else totally off topic.

How was your weekend?  How many of you got your $1 goodness on, and most importantly, what did you get???



  1. Great hiking spot! Love the smile on Owen!
    Yes, I got my $1 goodness. I ordered some nuns that I had been eying to make coin purses. Thanks for the tip again!

  2. Such a great spot! Carson is sitting on my lap right now as I read this post, and he too is currently bug obsessed! He's bombarding me with questions right now.... "who is that? What kind of bug is that? I want t go there too! Where are they? I want to play with Owen." too cute:)


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