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so where do i begin on this one?  i realized something the other day with my pinterest food posts.  i could actually be helping out someone.  someone like me.  someone who forgets to buy an ingredient on the shopping list, even though it was written down on the list.  someone who looks at the ingredient list and automatically assumes how to put it all together without reading the recipe. someone who doesn't read all the way through recipes until you're actually making it.  someone who somehow skips a step in the recipe, even though you were reading it as you were going.

 yeah, that is soooo me.

with this said, sometimes i have to alter recipes, but i'll make note of that below the food item. 
as usual, i am sharing recipes that i liked and will make again, and i don't snap photos of the foods i made.

Peanut Butter Cup Pie from Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice.

I didn't find the chocolate cookies she was talking about for the crust, so I used Oreos instead.  Creme and all.  And retarded me didn't buy two packages of cream cheese, so I only used one.  I added a little extra peanut butter to compensate.  I also used a 9 x 13 pan, and I threw the dessert into the freezer.  I didn't serve it frozen, but I let it defrost a bit. 

Snicker Bars from How Sweet It Is.
You MUST make this TONIGHT.  Period.

After each layer, I chucked it into the freezer to speed up cooling times.  I left these refrigerated right until serving.

Naan Bread from Allrecipes.com

Really good.  I used garlic in mine.  I would reduce the heat on the grill to maybe med-high since mine got a little on the burnt side last time.  Matt's been in Afghanistan, and he says naan is really good sprinkled with cinnamon and coarse sugar over the buttered naan.  Of course, skip the garlic. 

Curried Green Lentil Soup from The Little Ferraro Kitchen.

I used only a 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes, added an additional cup of coconut milk, and skipped the salt and pepper.  I didn't add those decorative thingys to the top of my soup either.  I ate Naan bread with it.  Yum!

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries from The Art of Doing Stuff.
It say "gauranteed" in the title, but that really ain't so.  Even many people made comments about that in the comment box.  She says it's all about the ratio of oil and cornstarch, so I guess after the 20th time making them, you'll finally get them crispy.  Other than that, they still tasted good, and I am going to work my way up the 20th time.

Pizza Dough from Annie's Eats.

Let's just say I pinned this 14 weeks ago and I have made at least 20 pizzas.  You do the math.  I half the dough recipe to make one single pie, which feeds 3 people.

Shaved Asparagus Pizza from Annie's Eats.

I tried this with white crust.  Yum! I  also tried this with whole wheat crust.  Yuck!

I didn't have any of that fancy herb cheese, so I made my own using this recipe.  I had to add more spices into the mixture though.  I just thought it wasn't enough.

French Bread Rolls from Mel's Kitchen Cafe.

I ended up throwing away my old roll recipe, and replaced it with this.

I don't knead it for as long as the recipe says.  Maybe two-three minutes in the KitchenAid.  I always use the window pane test when I make yeast rolls, and I half the recipe and make about 12 large rolls.  I think this recipe is fool-proof, but try not to go proving me wrong.  ;)

later taters,


  1. mmm. looks good! I wish those snickers bars were dairy free! but those rolls are - yay!!!

  2. I tried the sweet potato fries and they are sooooo good! I dip mine in a chipoltle aloi sauce. Yum! They don't come out totally crispy every time, but that doesn't stop me from trying again! And the sweets look to die for. I swear, your pinboard is going to make me gain 5 pounds. Thanks Nancy

  3. All of those look wonderful, I will have to stop being so lazy and try them.....I love food and I bet Matt loves that peanut butter pie....yummy

  4. Thanks for sharing all this. We had a great pizza dough recipe that we used all the time, but tried the new one and are sticking with it. I'm giving the french bread rolls a try today, too. I keep trying to not look at the pb chocolate pie....

  5. Seriously? You have to share all this when I'm dieting?!


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