Orla Kiely in the Kitchen

I just noticed a few pictures of Orla Kiely on a blog I read, which is why this post is at night, and I clicked over to the Orla Kiely website.  Orla Kiely is not new to me, but I have not browsed the site in awhile.  Since I have kitchen on the brain, I browsed through the kitchen collection.  Oh my!  Talk about eye candy for a design lover.  I can already picture these items in my home.  I'm constantly joking with Matt that one day when he is earning a real income . . . but I always get an eye roll in return.   Does this sound familiar in your home?

Well, if Matt were earning a non student income, these lovelies would definitely be sitting pretty on my countertop.  I would probably go as far as overcrowding my countertop just so I can stare at these while cooking my eggs.

And oh my word would I jam out while burning my eggs!

Do you think I am right?  Would you overcrowd your countertop if you could have these?



  1. so cute! LOVE it! I've never browsed the site before...

  2. Ok you really didnt have to show those to me. Sigh. I wish I had a larger home.

  3. I have never seen Orla Kiely things before!! I love it, thanks for sharing!


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