Fabric Friday {My Fat Quarter Bundle ~ Coastal Waters}

Here's my bundle for Pink Castle that I'm calling Coastal Waters.

1.  Robert Kaufman Gray Linen   2. Empire Weave  3. Circle Stripes  4. Modern Meadow Napsack
5.  Waves in Seafoam   6. Fish Tales in Seafoam  7.  Blue Love Bird Blue  8.  Moda Bella White Solid
9. Waves in Ocean  10. Circle Stripes  11.  Blue Baby Talk  12. Waves Mist

You guys have a great weekend.  I started to refinish my dresser, but out of all the weeks I chose, it was the one Mother Nature decided to drop her nasty deposits e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  I swear, even our dog is yellow right now.  And our deck?  I'm sneezing just thinking about it.  So I'm wishing for a gentle rain to wash the pollen away, and a bright sunny day to work on the dresser!

later gators.



  1. It's raining here today and I am soooooo happy that some of the pollen will be washed away! Can't.stop.sneezing. Wanted to rip my nose right off my face the other day!
    Hope you get some stuff done this weekend!


  2. Seriously? You have to go and show me up like that??

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