One nasty door over Thanksgiving and WINNER announced!

We were lucky enough to have two Thanksgiving dinners (one on Thurs and one on Sat).  Some people would have shot themselves to have to spend a week with extended family.  Thank goodness I am not one of those.  Are you?   We left on Thursday to head over to my dad's girlfriend's home in VA while we were staying at my sister's in northern NC.  We had to leave Walker, our almost one year old German short-haired pointer, at my sister's house for the day. 

And this is what we came home to.  Pissed off much?
I wanted to strangle that pup.

Since this was not my home, I spent the next day repairing her door frame.  Oh yeah, he tore up the back door too.  And scratched off the paint off the front door.  And smeared blood everywhere.  I got it looking purty without having to spend too much ($32).  That dog has cost us so much money since he has been with us.

Speaking of doors, we found this little lovely hanging around the other day at our door.  No pun intended.  It's still there, and I have no plans of taking it off.  I mean, what are the odds of squishing a frog flat like this?? 

And lastly,  Owen learned how to open doors this weekend. :(

How was your Thanksgiving???

Thank you to all those who entered the giveaway for Monda's fabric.  I am sure Vanessa felt the love from you guys!

The lucky winner is

Congratulations Jojoebi!  


  1. Oh my gosh. That flat frog is too funny!

    And the dog... My dogs have started digging holes... in our CARPET! I don't know which one's doing it, or if it's both, and I haven't caught them in the act. It's driving me insane! But at least it's my house. I would have two dog skin rugs if they did that at someone else's house!

  2. Congratulations Jojoebi

  3. Anonymous11/29/2011

    Oh, thanks for the intro to Monda and for hosting this giveaway. Congratulations to Jojoebi!! I did a double-take at that "poor" frog impression on your doorpost, I thought it was painted on at first. Reminded me of the time I petted a Gecko by mistake in the letterbox...got my hand out very fast...eeew! It felt like latex.

  4. Jana B.11/30/2011

    I think we should show a little sympathy for your dog. Can you imagine how upset and stressed he was to have scratched the door until he BLED?! And he spent the whole day that way, poor little guy :(

  5. I did indeed feel the love!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I'kk get in touch with Jo and let her know she's won

  6. wow, thank you!

    That frog is pretty amazing, I bet you couldn't do it again. Hope your naughty dog behaves for Christmas.


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