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Hello!  Today is my stop on the Roly-Poly blog hop.  `

This little girl had enough before I was able to shoot the reversible side.  I was one of the lucky ones to receive this pattern from Imagine Gnats to review.   This is my fourth article of clothing I have ever made.  You can see one, two, and three here.  I am not sure why I do not make more clothes!!

The Roly Poly Pinafore is an easy pattern and perfect for a beginner who can sew a straight line and understand basic sewing terminology and instructions. I could easily see a mother and daughter team sewing this up together.  It's a pattern that can teach sewing skills to younger children.  I LOVE that this dress is reversible.  As someone who has little storage in her home, I love clothes that can double duty.

I also love that I can customize this pattern.  Pockets, no pockets, or add a decorative detail like I did with the placket.  (The placket is an original design I did and is not included in the pattern.)  Two looks, one dress.  My kind of a pattern!

Do note:  The pattern instructs you to sew a pleat in the front, which I changed a bit because I wanted to add a placket.  I made my pleat open a little wider and did not stitch it down the front.  I also used regular Steam a Seam, the only  fusible webbing I had on hand.  This did not allow me to press around the neck area resulting in a slight bib like look for the the front, but I really like how it turned out, even with a peek of my reversible fabric on the front!  It did not affect the integrity of the dress, but if you want to make a placket without a little bit of the reversible fabric showing, I think a light fusible webbing will do the trick. 

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This giveaway is closed.

Would you like to try this pattern out for yourself?  Rachael is graciously giving away her pattern to one lucky owen's olivia reader.

Leave me a comment below telling me something you have planned for the summer.  My little family and I packed our bags and drove from North Carolina to California to live there for the summer!   I'll pick a winner on Monday.

You can purchase a pattern here.


Dress -  Pattern by Imagine Gnats.  Original design made by me.  Quilt designed and made by me.


  1. Oh my goodness, so cute!! AWESOME job! :)

  2. CUTE!I loooove that black and white side!! great job!

    1. oh and this summer... we are staying local. but I might torture myself being being a "good" parent and taking the kids camping to the beach for a few days...

  3. This one might be my favorite from the "tour" !!! Love the sliver of fabric on the front.

  4. I love your version of Rachel's roly poly!
    We're off to Ireland this summer!

  5. I love what you done with this pattern - superb.
    Not sure we'll be going anywhere this summer as we're in the middle of a house extension and won't have any time or money left! But we live 10 miles from the sea so can do some great day trips.
    thanks for the giveaway

  6. I really really like your take on it! The stripes are awesome& the bibbed look gives it the right amount of detail. Especially like how the stripes are slightly visible in the front, but in a peekaboo type way. Great job!

    I wish to be excluded from the giveaway though because I already own the pattern! Just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a lovely job you did. <3


  7. Cuuuute! Hope your adventure this summer is fantastic!

  8. We are driving to Pennsylvania to visit my parents this summer.

  9. We are headed to Williamsburg next week.

  10. My husband and I are planning our first vacation since being married/honeymoon five years ago to Florida. WE ARE STOKED!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  11. Girl, you are so talented! Love your version of this! Hope the drive and move went smoothly! Enjoy CA!

  12. I love it!! We plan to welcome a baby girl into our family!

    Katywaye at gmail dot com

  13. Wow! She is adorable! I live in NC too and my Aunt lives in California! I would love to visit her this summer!

  14. We packed our bags too and drove from New Mexico to Colorado to spend the summer!

  15. Your version is too cute! You did a great job! I will probably visit children and grandchildren this summer. I have. Daughter and granddaughter who live in Maryland and the others are close by.

  16. we're heading to the north shore of lake superior to a little cabin in the woods. i love your version and would love to try this for a friend's daughter. thanks.

  17. Cute! We are planning on tending to our garden and raising our 4 new baby chicks!

  18. Love your version of this dress. We are having a weeks beach holiday this summer - so excited!

  19. Very classy out of a classic..

  20. WoW! Love the pinafore you made, too cute. Love the design you did in the front, you're so clever! Great job! I'm planning a trip next next week to visit my DS, DIL and grandson in southern California. I'm also wanting to go see my Mom and sis in OK this summer.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  21. Too Cute outfit - thanks for the chance to win. This summer I'm taking care of my sister and traveling to see my kids in IN!

  22. I like the bit of stripe at the bottom the front, very clever. I'm having some alone time this summer while my kids visit their grandparents for a few weeks

  23. I love that this pattern goes up to a size 10. I used to make pinafore's for my daughter when she was a toddler, and I love them! But most of the patterns seem to stop at a 4 or so. Thanks so much for offering a giveaway this summer!

    I am a teacher, so I have a ton of things planned for this summer. The first week of vacation, my family will be heading out for a road trip to Mount Rushmore. After that, we plan to stay at home and play to our heart's content (I'm a little in denial about the 2 online college courses I will need to take this summer as well).

  24. I love this! The fabric combos and that placket are just too cute! I'm planning to go camping this summer, with my family.

  25. Love the pinafore! Plans for the summer are to take care of hubby, sew dresses for my granddaughter, take care of house and yard and gardens. Lots of plans, hope to be able to carry them all out.

  26. I'm planning on having a baby! Which basically means I'm planning on doing a lot, but will probably end up only getting halfway through my to do list.

  27. Anonymous5/21/2013

    Thanks for sharing! This is so CUTE!

    This summer I'm planning on growing my blog!

    hello (at) sewbon (dot) com

  28. I'm loving that placket and the colors you chose, looks fantastic! We are heading into winter over here but luckily the sun still shines often. Hopefully there will be lots of outings to the zoo and park this winter. Thanks for the chance to win; nlczerw(at)gmail(dot)com

  29. I would love a chance to try out this pattern

  30. This is so cute! LOVE this version. The placket is amazing and I LOVE the black & white with the pink peeking through.

  31. We live poolside as I'm a pool manager for the summer here in northern Cali.

  32. This is darling, love the bib front!! So great!

    We are headed to Florida in a few months, and so ready! My family moved to London last fall, which is totally amazing, but it's no sandy beach! We can't wait!



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