The going ons in Nancyville

I'm sure my name will never be included in a town, but, if there were a Nancyville, I'd like to live there.  Well, only under the conditions hot chocolate came out of faucets and Norman Reedus was my gardener.

But back to reality.  sigh.

Around the home:

I finally found out, and by accident too, what these yellow ball things were.  Billy balls.  Though my immature side chuckles inside every time I say Billy balls, I think they are the loveliest dead things ever.  Unless Norman dies.  He would be lovely dead too.  

Well, I scooped myself up a few from Teresa's Plants & More on Etsy.  She even has a cool hanging glass globe like mine, which I shared with you here.  (And yes, I killed that freaking air plant.  seriously???)

I bought my very first orchid.  I feel very sorry this plant had to come home with me because I do not foresee a long future with it.  It's so pretty though, and I will thoroughly enjoy every moment it's in our home.

And the very last mention of flowers is the roses my husband gave me for Valentine's.  A week later and they are still going strong.

My kitchen is coming to a close.  Finally.  I have concluded I'm the world's slowest person to decorate her home, or maybe I'm normal?  Who knows, but I do know I so much closer to being done than I was a month ago.  There have not been too many changes, but it's still fun to have a before + after reveal post.  Don't you think?

An update with this photo:  I couldn't do it.  The art came down.  I'm sorry Owen.  I'm a bad mom. (Blogged here.)

I hung my "I'm Awesome" print, which I blogged about last week here.

My sewing room:

My scrap quilt is quilted and now needs to be bound and photographed before officially showing you all.  I'm in love guys.  So my affection goes in this order:  Jesus Christ, Matt, Owen, scrap quilt, and Norman.  I feel I learned a bit from this quilt, and now, I completely understand why people love quilts. I drag this thing around like it's my lovey.  I have snuggled with this quilt every night the last few days.

A custom quilt in the works for a customer:  Blue, yellow, green, gray, with a touch of orange

Another quilt top in the works using this line that I purchased from StashModernFabric on Etsy.  No pictures until I have the top finished in March.  Sorry!

And just life in general:

This photo is blurry, but it makes me happy.  This captures pure joy.

Have a good day y'all.

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  1. The photo would be one of my favorites too. And no, you aren't the slowest person to decorate their house. Kitchens are in a world of their own, anyway.

  2. I wish you lived closer. I'd love to have someone with a similar sense of style come over for tea to brainstorm ideas to pretty up my space. I feel like we were done and now we've become so crunched that there's no room for beautiful. Alas I think our only answer is knocking down the walls and going out. Bring on the excavator!

    p.s. looove the last photo!

  3. The snippets of your quilts in progress are tantalizing. I can not wait to see more.

  4. love your kitchen! your house looks sooo clean and tidy! and I can't wait to see your new quilt! I feel like I should go clean now - but I could clean for a day and not make a dent I fear...

  5. i'm super slow at decorating too - so no worries! and i've had i think 3 orchids and have killed them all! oops. i really try, but they just don't like me.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  6. Love that you are busy being awesome! Your kitchen looks great- I'm a big fan of subway tiles myself, and I love the scrap quilt progress.

  7. Let me help you with the orchids:


    They can't be that hard though, my dad's been growing them for years, and he has a seriously black thumb!

  8. Love the look of your scrap quilt, and yes, your last pic is really lovely!

  9. Love this post, Nancy! I want to copy your "awesome" print because it's a good reminder on the days when I decidedly do NOT feel awesome. Beautiful flowers and lovely quilts. But the last picture is the BEST!

  10. Visiting from really random thursday. I love love this blog post. The quilting is great, the family look so happy and the sign you made is Awesome


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