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Hello again!

This week and next I will be sharing five different quilt patterns from Quilting from every Angle with you.  All work was done by those who volunteered to make a quilt from the book, and all photography was done by the individual who made the quilt.  Each person chose their fabrics and were permitted to do whatever they liked with the pattern.  I had no say in what they chose to do with it or the colors and fabrics they used.  Basically, I gave them free reign.  It's their quilt anyways, and I wanted it to reflect their own personalities, not mine.

What is really interesting and nice to see is other people's interpretations of your patterns.  I love seeing a design of mine in a color way I normally would not gravitate towards because it helps me to see how many varieties the design can take, and maybe, it will one day encourage me to branch out of my own comfort zone.  Sometimes, people see things in a way you never could have imagined.  I think that is why I love quilting and art so much.

Quilting from every Angle is a book that shows my love for design.  It is filled with unique and graphic quilts.   I really wanted quilt designs that could appeal to younger and older generations, but my main focus was to grab the attention of quilters who loved graphic design and modern day textile art.  Although all of my quilts are rooted in traditional piecing and shapes, the combination I did with these things makes the patterns stand out and are very graphic.  I hope that you enjoy the quilt patterns I am sharing with you this week.

To get a copy and see updates to the book, please click here.

To see the Fossil variations, please click here.  To see Desert Bloom Medallion variations, please click here.


This is a paper pieced pattern I sketched up while doodling triangles.  I split the geese on the x and y axis but left the geese whole on the 45 degree angles.  I think there are several different ways to look at this pattern, and fabric placement will be key in showing that.  It's a fun one to play around with and is great for beginner paper piecing.  This is a mini quilt making it perfect for swaps, pillows, and more.

1.  Nancy Purvis

2.   Come tarry with me by Jodi Meenan

Website: Come Tarry With Me
Instagram: @jodi_meenan

3.  Tara Cherry

Instagram: @mommyhead7

4.  Cook. Clean. Sew. by Ginger Parker

Website: Cook Clean Sew
Instagram: @wifeoferp

Thank you ladies so much for sharing your version of Split Decision!  Didn't everyone do a good job?  I really appreciate seeing the different versions of these patterns, and I am sure others do too!!

I will be sharing more patterns over the next two weeks, as well as a blog tour in November that you will not want to miss!

To purchase a copy, please click here.

To see the variations of Fossil, please click here.
To see the variations of Desert Bloom Medallion, please click here.

xx nancy

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  1. Your designs are simply fantastic, and I love every version of the Split Decision that was made. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me...

    1. Thank you, and you are welcome! I thought it would be nice for others to be inspired by other people's work. Not everyone will like my fabric choices, and sometimes, it is hard for people to see past the choices and just focus on the design potential. Thank you for commenting!



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