How to Hang PVC Window Treatments

Lately, I have received quite a few emails in regards to my PVC window treatments I did back in 2012.  The original post can be found here.  The main question I got was, "How did you hang them?" since this was something I never covered in the original post.

I LOVE my PVC windows.  They are so wonderful, and they have held up so great.  I highly recommend them for a window treatment alternative.  It brings in just enough light during the day and just enough privacy in the evening with the added bonus of pattern.  I love pattern.  :)

So this tutorial is stupid easy.  SO easy.  You will smack yourself for not thinking of this yourself once I show you.

In the beginning, I used heavy duty velcro and placed in spots that were not visible from the inside of the house as well as the outside of the house.  That worked fine and dandy until after a few months of west facing sun constantly shining on them made the sticky stuff melt.

That's when I switched over to the plastic mirror clips.  Ew.  Did I just hear your trendy self say 'ew'?  Well, it actually looks really good, in my opinion.  It blends *almost* seamlessly with everything else going on.  I guess I could have used white screws to make them even less noticeable, but I was too lazy to do that.

So you take a packet of these cheap mirror clips that most people have a tendency to want to cover up in their bathrooms, and drill those into doors.  I drilled mine into the moulding surrounding the windows.  I placed one clip on top and bottom and then one of either side.  Because the PVC is flexible, I can pop them out (carefully) and clean them when I want.  See how awesome these PVC treatments are?

On a different note, I AM taking suggestions for a light replacement in this kitchen, so speak up! :)

I guess that really wasn't much of tutorial was it, but is it really necessary to show you a photo of me pretending to drill these into the moulding?  Ha!  I didn't think so either.  Promise me you won't smack yourself too hard. ;)

[Photo from my Instagram account]
On a second note, some of you may have noticed that the library cabinet that was once in my living room is now in between my kitchen and eating area.  I moved it there so I could hang a design wall for my quilting.  The design wall is temporary but the cabinet's new location isn't. (We are thinking of adding a desk here.) It's all about making a home that fits YOU and your needs, which is something I didn't learn until much, much later.

xx nancy
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  1. Hello. Ute kitchen. But I'm still a bit confused. Did you use PVC pipe ? Is that fabric hanging in the window or PVC? I must be missing something. Is it a fancy PVC? Where do you find it? Thanks

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