Fabric Basket and Bucket || Tutorial

Hello!  Today I'm over at Somewhat Simple sharing a somewhat easy sewing tutorial that's perfect for Spring.  Depending on the choice of fabrics, these are great for children or adults.  Perfect for small storage or for an upcoming Easter as a custom Easter basket.

I had picked up this wood basket last summer in San Deigo, CA, and I loved it shape, size, and awesome graphic print.  Every time I look at it though, it reminded me of the Easter baskets I had growing up, and I knew it would be fun to make a fabric version.

There are two options - with or without handles.  These baskets measure approximately 5" high (excluding the handle) and 8" in diameter.

Get the full tutorial here.

xx nancy

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  1. love the one with handles! Thanks for the tutorial :-)

  2. I inherited (ok stole) that same little woven wood basket from my mother about a year ago. She's had it as long as I can remember and I've always loved the pattern. I've never seen one like it, so I was so surprised to see it's twin here! Small world!


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