A few new chairs

Last week I shared with you how I removed a water stain from my teak tabletop, and I realized I never showed you our new kitchen chairs.  We have had these for almost a year now, so I guess they are not really new to us but new to you.  :)

Here's the dining area with our white, Napoleon chairs.

And now.

There are actually four chairs, but I am using one of the chairs in my sewing room.  They have held up incredibly well.  They are lightweight, but not so light that you can easily damage them.   I am so happy we made the switch to metal chairs.  It was a nightmare wiping down white wood chairs all day long.  The only disadvantage to our chairs is winter time brings a chill to the seats when you first sit in them.  It goes away rather quickly, but you are greeted with a cool seat.  I'm sure some fur from IKEA or cushions would remedy that.  

I would love to add a rug like this West Elm one to the space.  I think one could easily DIY a similar version, but if this rug ever goes on clearance, I am snatching it up in a heartbeat.

And since I am on the topic of let's pretend, I would also love to add a piece of art to the right side of the window.  The pictures that were once there had to come down.  When Owen was younger, he had a habit of slamming our back door, and the vibrations would knock down our frames.  Now that he is a little older, I may be able to hang something there on the right.

kai samuel davis

Or this.


The pendant light will be leaving our home later this week too, but that's for another day.  :)  It's the Finley pendant lamp from Crate and Barrel, and I highly recommend it!

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  1. Anonymous2/11/2014

    Olivia, I love those chairs! such a difference!
    we are thinking about getting those for our balcony-deck-thing... maybe in one or two lightyears ahead we'll be enjoying our 5 o'clock beer on those chairs... looking forward to that!

  2. Love that little table and those chairs are Percy with it! I love the mix of wood and industrial! Glad I came across your blog!:)

  3. Nice chairs – they don’t even look a year old. Where did you get those? They look cool enough to sit on, so yeah, you might need a cushion for the winter. Nonetheless, that’s a great change. Jeremy @ ChiavarichAirsOfMichigan.com =)

  4. oh i love your chairs!!! What a big difference they make in the room!


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