it's taken me a little longer than anticipated to put this little number together, but that's because of my laid back attitude while working on this quilt top.  i'll piece ten minutes here.  ten minutes there.  i showed you the fabric pull a little while ago on facebook along with a snippet of the quilt top, which when posting i had no clue the colors were so off.  thank you mobile phone.  one day i will learn to check photos on the laptop before relying on my itty bitty phone screen to determine photo quality or color accuracy.  :)

also, supposedly GFC will be a goner in like two or three days.  i really don't remember when it's suppose to leave, but some people are going bonkers over it.  so maybe i should too?  anywho, follow along a different way if you like.  i'd love to have ya!

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have a great weekend!

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  1. Looks lovely - interesting color choice! Yeah, that whole google reader thing is really blowing people's minds. I guess we all will lose a lot of followers, but those who really like our blogs will find a way to continue following :-)

  2. Oh I love the pops of orange with the cooler colors. It looks awesome.

  3. Great colour choices, Nancy. Looking forward to seeing more!


  4. I LOVE those colours together, they look great...it's going to look fab when finished.

  5. Intriguing... Love your group of colours.

  6. Oh, my! I absolutely love that color combination!

  7. Great color choices. The orange is a wonderful addition.


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