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*I packed my bags for the summer and moved from North Carolina to California.  This means my blog packed its bags too.  owen's olivia will return to its normal schedule of sewing and home decorating sometime in late August.

I am embarrassed to say this video tour of our apartment is not edited.  If you are a parent, I am sure you can relate to children having what I call "the phone radar."  It's like they are quiet and peaceful, and then they are screaming or asking you questions the SECOND you are on the phone.  Well, it apparently applies to video recording too.

Apartment info:

Neighborhood: University City in San Diego, CA
Square footage:  600
Price per month: $1800 (and that's after a discount!)
Apartment came furnished

I find it interesting I am so readily willing to share with you our rented space, but back at home in North Carolina I am not.  Maybe it's a subconscious thing.  I know I did not decorate the space, so I am more willing to show its flaws.  Whereas back at home, if the space looks terrible, it's my own fault.  Can any of you relate to this kind of experience?

Have a great weekend!



  1. We moved from NC to Boston a 7 years ago for my husband's school and the prices were shocking too! Hope you have a good time while you're there!

  2. San Diego looks beautiful but 600 square feet --- wow. Running into that medicine cabinet would be at least a weekly occurrence for me so I know what your talking about. When you swung the camera around that was immediately my thought before you even mentioned it. Perhaps you could take it off the wall for the time being and sit it on the counter? Love that your making the best of it and were at least able to take some of the stash with you and nitch out a place ot be creative. Best of luck

  3. So good to hear from you! I loved episode one of "Life Style of the Crafty Sewer"

  4. Wow! 600 square feet would be an adjustment! I love Owen:) Mommy, mommy, mommy!! M kids do the same thing when im on the phone. I wouldn't hear a peep of them for an hour, but as soon as I pick up my phone, they are screaming and shouting at me for something. I've even gone as far as locking myself in the garage and sitting in the car just so I could have a conversation with the person on the other end! We will miss you this summer, but can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!

  5. Welcome to San Diego! I lived in Winston-Salem, NC for 6 years so I have an idea of your adjustment. San Diego has a few quilt guilds you might be interested in depending on what kind you like. SDMQ meets this Sunday in San Marcos at Quilt in a Day. You'll love the difference in weather this summer compared to NC ;-) maybe we'll run into one another -Ali (animated_librarianquilts.com)

    1. Thanks Alison! It was nice to meet you the other day! :) Good luck with your quilt!

  6. I decided you live near the airport coz I thought I heard a plane in the video!!

  7. I thought I was paying a lot for SD living but maybe I should be grateful. I live in North County and love it! Welcome to San Diego! I hope we bump into one another someday!


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