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Who here is a Target fan?  I'm all over Target like white on rice because many of their items are affordable and cute.  Some things they go over board (can anyone say Neiman Marcus?) with their pricing, so I usually skip over those things or keep my fingers crossed they will go on clearance.  Over the weekend I had to pick up a few things at Target, and they had out some new items that I just had to snap a photo of for you.

*Photos taken with my phone, and I tried to include the price/tag with the item.
Here are two fun accent tables.  Wouldn't it be even more fun to cut out a wood top for the white one for a nice contrast?   Don't like white?  Spray paint it!  You could possibly turn this over, insert a clear plastic pot, add dirt (I would try to fill it all the way) and a plant.  Place it by your entry door and call it good!

I believe this yellow one holds storage.  Always a bonus in my house.

They had a few home decor items with inlays.  This small table is made by Threshold.   The color of this table is really pretty.  I would pair it with navy, black, or white and with silver accents.  (Target has this green color paired with coral, which looks nice too.)

This piece is an ottoman.  If you don't know, I LOVE graphic prints.

Coral tray with an inlay.  (There's actually two in this photo, but how cool would it have been if this is how the tray actually looked?)

Wood tray with a mercury glass like mirror. 

I think this would make an interesting nightstand.  Fancy schmancy.  I should probably avoid made-up words that I cannot spell.

THIS IS NOT PURPLE!!!  It's actually a bold cobalt blue, and absolutely stunning in person.  I would have snatched this baby up, but I didn't think it was worth the price.

This baby was also precious.  It would look great next to a low profile bed or couch.  Hmm, my DIY mind just thought about adding a thick, colorful or graphic cushion to the top and using it as seating.  (Assuming it could hold heavy weight without breaking.) I would place the drawer side against a wall, and then there would be hidden storage!  Maybe place this by the entry door or in a mud room for a quick seat for the kids to take their shoes off.

Another small table.  Will Target ever make their side tables any taller???  I just liked the overall look of this table.

Houndstooth coral blanket.  They have one in black too.  I would have picked this up, but coral doesn't belong in my home.  The price is good too.

Lampshade in a beautiful yellow color for only $20.

This is a small vase in a bright yellow.  It could definitely perk up any bookshelf, and you can throw knick knacks inside.

I'm in love with these yarn covered animals.  They have a gazelle, giraffe, hippo, and rhino.   I would have bought one and may possibly buy one if they go on sale, but this is something that could easily be DIYed.  In fact, I bought a gazelle awhile back, and I think yarn might be the trick to spruce it up.

I really loved these baskets (minus the white leather material).  I would rip off that leather and use the basket as a light in my hallway.


This isn't new, but this is a rug that I have been eyeing ever since it first appeared.  It is made by Nate Berkus, and I cannot get enough of the black wool with white triangles.  If you live in Garner, NC and you buy this rug (only one available), you are dead to me. We just cannot be friends anymore.  Period.  I'm waiting for this to magically appear in my home one morning.  I'm sure it will sell long before that ever happens.

So what do you think of the new items at Target?  There are also new items in the kitchen section that are really cute as well, but my brain forgot to take me there!

Thanks for stopping in today and have a GREAT Monday!!



  1. OH MY GOSH! TARGET is the BEST! I love all of these and now I am gonna have to go really soon. That clock is calling my name. As are the trays, graphic ottoman and threshold table :D


  2. I think I want to drive hours and hours to Garner and buy a rug. He he. Im not sure I like the yarn but maybe a different material like twine or colored leather strips. love the lamp shades.

  3. Hm, I need to plan a trip to Target!

  4. You did find some great things at Target. I particularly like the clock. Australian Targets focus is not on home decorating, so we don't get all this good stuff. I like how you say the vase can be used to throw knick knacks in. Do you mean random crap like small toys when your madly tidying coz visitors are coming! Oh is that just me...

  5. fun post Nancy! thanks for the eye candy.

  6. This made me want to visit Target... if only to pick up that yarn covered hippo!

  7. Good finds!! Gotta love Target. I actually snapped a pic of those yarn covered animals the other day too! Those would be super easy to hack.


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