so scraptastic! || part 2 - 29 pieces!

WOW.   Just wow.  I am completely shocked at how well the majority of them turned out!  If you missed my first post of so scraptastic!, it is a must read, especially if you are going to critique my blocks.  ;)  All of these blocks are made from my scrap bin, and they do include projects that I started but never finished or didn't like, which ended up in the scrap bin too!  (Psst- Don't ever throw away pieced work, even if it is ugly!)  So if some blocks look designed, I promise I didn't do it!!  You're just seeing an old project.  :)

My blocks are listed in no particular order.  (If you are seeing wrinkles, it's because I didn't pin any of my pieces for this particular project.)






























Here's a sneak peak at the quilt top.  (It will not be quilted until January.)

Are not some of those blocks amazing!  What is so crazy is that I would have never put together those blocks otherwise, and it's fun to see some new color combinations.

In case you missed it:
In Part 1, I talk about how this came about and what the challenge is.
In Part 3, I share with you the finished quilt and my thoughts on this process.

So which piece is your favorite??

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  1. love them all! It's going to be fab!

  2. Definitely 14 and 15 because of the moustache fabric! (Do you have any left? I would totally trade you some scraps for it!)

  3. This looks so fun to do! Must try it someday...

  4. They are little fabric mood boards. Love them :)

  5. I absolutely love this! I think these kind of quilts are the best! I adore total randomness because screw ups are less noticeable!
    Your fabric choices are sooo beautiful! Love.

  6. I'm excited to see the finished result!

  7. Amazing! You are making this quilt for me, right?! :)

  8. Love them all and the fabrics! Yum! Want to do a scrap exchange? Or 5" block exchange? That's my favorite way to get to try fabrics I dont have or know about.

  9. OK I'm just off to read more about it - looks like a great and very successful idea!

  10. Impossible to pick a favorite - they are great!!! I can't wait to see the completed quilt!!! You have been a very busy lady! So, how many bobbins did you go through to piece these blocks????

  11. That will be one amazing quilt when these are all put together.

  12. Its amazing how all of the colors seem to work together!

  13. I love this! It's beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  14. They turned out really well! Good on you!! I haven't tried this sort of scrap quilting yet. I think I'd find it really hard not to fuss over what colours went where and in what proportion. Bit of a control freak here!

  15. Love it! ( Sorry so late commenting, way behind on blog reading)


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