I'm a day late getting this out to you.  It's Memorial Weekend here in the States, so sorry about that!  What a GREAT giveaway week with Sew, Mama, Sew! Here are the winners for the the laptop sleeve and fat quarter bundle plus a few of my favorite pet peeve responses.  The number one response involved food, chewing, and, in general, mouthy noises.   A lot of them were hilarious!  If you are stateside, Happy Memorial Day!  I wish I could say I was sitting at the beach or riding a boat in a lake, but I am cleaning today.  :)

Winners were chosen at random and have been emailed.  "Trillium" won the laptop sleeve, and "Gill" won the fat quarter bundle.

Thank you to everyone who participated!!!

Here are a few funnies you might enjoy.

"I hate when people take pictures of their pets on the quilts of crafts they just made. Ewe! It skeeves me out. I just picture their fat cat just mozied out of the litter box with some hangers-on and it's now lounging on that lovely fabric. (gags)"

"I don't like watching people brushing their teeth - especially when they've used too much toothpaste and they are foaming at the mouth."

"Ugh! I cannot stand it when people make food noises while they are eating. Like Mmm.. oo... ah..
It makes me super uncomfortable."

"I would say what annoys me the most is when people let their dogs poop in my yard, and don't clean it up. Especially when it is right in front of my mail box . . . ick."

"it makes me crazy when people sing to themselves all the time. Especially if they're little made up songs, like about what they're doing or something. ARG. Those are just annoying, because it's like making the same joke over and over and expecting it to be funny all the time, but the serious singing is annoying too because I'm not sure if you're supposed to compliment the singer, listen politely, pretend it's not happening and just talk around it"

"I guess I do find people who talk on the phone in the bathroom pretty annoying. I always feel bad for the person on the other end of the line who has to listen to them pee while they talk! Gross!"

Happy Monday yo!


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  1. Haha! Those are hilarious -- and I'm proud to know that my pet peeve was odd / funny enough to be mentioned here. The singing thing really is annoying, I swear. :) Though general mouthy noises kinda bother me as well ... maybe I'm just a big grouch!


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