Banquette/Booth Seating?

A comeback?  If this is so, I am loving it!  Every time we eat out, I ask for booth seating.  I know in my dream home, I would like to have booth style seating somewhere.  There is something comforting about sitting in booths.  I love the coziness and closeness you get from booth seating.  Martha Stewart's Living has banquette seating on the cover of its newest edition, so I guess it is becoming popular (or I am just so out of the loop, but I refuse to believe that :)!

Here are some that make me happy.

And if you are feeling extra inspired after seeing these pics, head on over to
Aubrey & Lindsays blog for a DIY tutorial using
an IKEA cabinet!!  How awesome is that?

Pretty awesome.

So . . . banquette or regular seating?  Which do you prefer?


  1. I love the banquettes you picked out--so many of them are gorgeous (my fav is the first one)! J has specifically requested a banquet if we ever build a house. But I can't help thinking how impractical they would be for a young family. There always seems to be a lot of up and down at the kitchen table, especially with kids. So trapping them in the bench means more work for me. The tufted bench seats look awesome, but all the little tufts would soon be filled with gross three week old food and little crumbs you couldn't get out of the crevices.

    Maybe they'll be in style again when all the kiddos are gone? :)

  2. Yeah, I am not sure if I would have tufted benches while I had little ones, but I still love to dream! I would have to opt for a fabric that cleans well and did not have too many crevices. I just LOVE the idea of having a cozy spot to talk, play games, and eat.


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